GERMANY – Renewed Antifascist Protests

June 18, 2018

BREMEN: On 16th of June antifascists united to protest against a fascist movement which is strongly represented in the district Bremen-Farge. The fascists are very active at this district and also ruin the memorial for the victims of Nazi-fascism (shelter Valentin) with stickers and graffiti. Antifascists and revolutionaries went through Bremen-Farge and shouted slogans like „Solidarität heißt Widerstand – Kampf dem Faschismus in jedem Land!“ (Solidarity means resistance – fight fascism in every country) or the Turkish slogan „Faşizme karşı omuz omuza!“ (shoulder on shoulder against fascism). It was a strong sign to show the fascists there is a strong unity also from the masses. T

he revolutionaries at Bremen also made propaganda for the international campaign for the 200 anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx and mobilize for the next big event.







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