UKRAINE - "We bailed out into Russia's backyard"

"We bailed out into Russia's backyard," it was written in a contribution from the British Ministry of Defense. It was the largest paratrooper mission in decades, it said.

What is meant by this is a military operation in the Ukraine. Within only a few days the British armed forces were brought into action there. It would demonstrate the capabilities of Great Britain, said Minister James Heappey. Also involved in the exercise were members of the Ukrainian Airstorm Brigades, as part of Operation Orbital. This exercise has been running since 2015 and is part of the "Western imperialists" plans. It is not without reason that the ruling classes of Britain speak of defending Ukraine's sovereignty in this very context. Since the fascist coup in Ukraine in 2014, which was prepared, financed and instigated by the US and EU imperialists, NATO is increasingly gaining influence. Since June 2020, Ukraine has been a partner state of NATO. The war in Ukraine represents the aggravation of inter-imperialist contradictions with Russia, that are being carried out at the expense of the Ukrainian popular masses. Neither the alleged defence of sovereignty, nor the alleged defence against Russia are the reasons for the interference of the "West". What is behind this is a massive escalation of the contradictions between the US, Russia and the EU imperialists!

Britain's threatening gestures are for Russian imperialism, for the Ukrainian popular masses they bring nothing but further terror, imperialist war and destruction! "