UKRAINE - NATO Membership and ongoing imperialist war

The Ukrainian President Wolodymyr Selenskyj now demanded the rapid accession of Ukraine to the US-led military alliance NATO. After the coup in 2014, supported by the US and EU imperialists, and since then ongoing imperialist war, which cost more than 13,000 lives of Ukrainians, the war is continued at the expense of the Ukrainian people.

After Russia relocated troops to his border with Ukraine, it did not take long and the US and EU imperialists secured their "full support" to the Ukraine. "NATO will support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine", said NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. US President Joe Biden had previously promised the Ukrainian government that they could count on the "unshakable support" of America. Also EU external Josep Borrell guaranteed the full "solidarity". The message of the Western Imperialists, especially the USA, is clear: with the division of the country in 2014 and the establishment of a pro-Western government, on the one side they want to defend their position in the country and on the other side they want to extend their influence to the areas Lugansk and Donetsk, which ware not controlled by the government. USA has provided more than two billion US dollars for Ukraine since 2015 to enforce and defend their own interests. Joe Biden’s office has strengthened the military support.

After these "support declarations" from the western imperialists, the Ukrainian President now wants to join NATO, because the country's membership would be "the only way" for "peace": "The granting of the plan to membership (in the military alliance) becomes too a clear signal for the Russian Federation", said President Selenskyj.

The number of shooting changes to the contact lines in Ukraine with the "People's Republic of Donetsk" have doubled compared to the same quarter of the previous year. The ceasefire agreed in July 2020 had lasted only about one and a half months, reports said. The troop shifts of Russia are very likely connected with the military exercise "Defender 2021", one of the largest maneuvers since the end of World War II. Since March, around 20,000 US soldiers have been on the move, along with a 17,000 man strong contingent from NATO member states and non-members such as Ukraine. The counselor of the Ukrainian side of the contact group in Donbass, Aleksei Arestovich, said that Defender 2021 can be "basically translated with Defend Europe". He continued told that the exercises focus on areas "from the waters of the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea", for one, "to say it blunts, armed confrontation with Russia".

At the end of April, President Selenskyj approved a new military strategy for the Ukraine, where in particular included the possibility of a war for the return of the non-government-controlled territories in Eastern Ukraine. In the descriptions of the phases of warfare for reconquest, the participation of NATO allies is planned and it is in the document that the success of the entire military strategy depends on "political, economic and military support of Ukraine through the international community in the geopolitical confrontation with the Russian Federation".

A NATO membership of Ukraine is intended to promote the integration of Ukraine in the "West" and help the US and EU's war interests. It will be a step towards even harder military aggression against the Ukrainian people in the Donbass and warmongering against Russia. Every democratic and antiimperialist has to defend the self-determination of the Ukraine and stand against the imperialist war on the costs of the Ukrainian people.