TURKEY - TKP/ML Funeral of Comrades Nubar, Özgür and Asmin

The bodies of the murdered comrades Nubar, Özgür and Asmin could now be buried after months of struggle for their release. At the cemetery in Sanigazi, their coffins were carried to the cultural site accompanied by powerful slogans, oaths and a minute's silence.

With intimidation attempts by the police, attempts were made to massively disrupt and prevent the memorial ceremony. Hundreds and tanks tried to prevent the transport of the fallen comrades. The revolutionaries protected the coffins with loud slogans and carried them to the cemetery with shouts of "Guerrillas don't die, long live the People's War" and red flags held high!

Even if many of the reaction were deterred from attending the commemoration, the massive participation in the passing showed the strength and determination of the revolutionaries and the party!

Martyrs of the Revolution are immortal!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!