TURKEY - "Partisan Rage": 1 military officer died, 11 soldiers wounded

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The balance sheet of “Partisan Rage” that explodes in Ovacık Dersim: 1 military officer died, 11 soldiers wounded

On Friday, November 27, it was reported that 4 Turkish soldiers were wounded in the military operations that took place in Büyükköy, Hülükuşağı and Bilgeç in Dersim Ovacık. According to the information we obtained from local sources, it was reported that the loss of the Turkish army was higher in the operation.

The “Partisan Rage” was exploded which has been laid on the land by TKP/ML TIKKO guerrillas at two different points in the operation area that took place in Büyükköy and Hacıbirim countryside on October 6-9 and September 1-4 and carried out again on November 27, where four TKP/ML TİKKO guerrillas were immortalized.

It was learned that the first mine exploded when the soldiers positioned on Bilgeç Hill, and after a short while the second mine exploded near Hülükuşağı village. After the explosions, a total of four Skorsky helicopters landed on Bilgeç Hill and Hülükuşağı village, two each, and took the wounded soldiers. It was reported that seriously injured soldiers taken by helicopters were taken to Elazığ. At the same time, it was learned that six ambulances were transporting the dead and wounded to the village of Hülükuşağı.

In the statement made by the Tunceli (offical name of Dersim) Governorship, it was informed that 4 soldiers were “slightly” wounded “after the explosion” and the facts were once again hidden. According to the information we obtained from local sources, after both explosions, 1 military officer died and 11 soldiers were wounded, 4 of them seriously.