TURKEY - Bomb action from TKP/ML militants at AKP office

On 1st October the militants of the Communist Party of Turkey (marxist-leninist) (TKP/ML) made an action against the AKP office with handmade explosives, for commemorating the comrades Nubar and Rosa. In their statements, TKP / ML militants said, “we are following the traces of our martyred comrades on the streets they passed, on the roads they fought. Their arms were not separated from their "halay", where they stood with the workers, laborers, oppressed. They are fighting in the middle of the crowd in a strike, at the barricade of a working-class district, at a university campus ”.

The militants who greeted TKP/ML MK member Erol Volkan Ildem (Nubar) and TKP / ML Advanced Militant Fadime Çakıl (Rosa), who became immortal in the bombardment in Ovacık on September 6-9, stated that their commemoration, that they will follow the way of struggle, which the martyrs led.