SRI LANKA - Prison Riot

After the corona infection numbers in the prisons are rising massively, the prisoners have been protesting for protective measures for weeks. In the five overcrowded prisons, more than 1,000 people are positive and two (according to official reports) died in prison about Covid-19.

The prisoners are calling for better protective measures to prevent the virus from spreading further. They call for better facilities to keep a distance from the infected and regular testing. After their demands were not accepted, a riot broke out in the high-security prison near the city of Colombo on Sunday.

Buildings were set on fire, guards were attacked, and two of them were held hostage. The police opened fire on the prisoners. 60 people were injured and eight killed. In order to support the protests and the demands, the relatives of the prisoners gathered outside the prison.

The virus is spreading like wildfire, especially in overcrowded prisons. The disastrous conditions cannot guarantee the health of the prisoners and is not in the interests of the rulers.

Rebellion is justified!