SERBIA - "The misery of the oppressed in the Balkans"

In the following we publish an unofficial translation of a statement of the Partija Rada. The article points out the plundering and oppression by the imperialists, but also emphasizes trust in the masses as an important point.

Position of PR - The misery of the oppressed in the Balkans

The recent withdrawal of Balkan vassals from Serbia and Kosovo to Washington to honor the will of the imperialist exploiters on behalf of the people of Serbia and Kosovo and sign additional forms of dependency best illustrates the position of the Balkan peoples. The misery of the Balkan vassals is an expression of the slavish consciousness of the ruling clique of the "small nations" to side with the stronger ones in order to survive in power and to declare that they do all this in the general national interest.

The Partija Rada was wholeheartedly on the side of the just struggle of the Albanian people in Kosovo for national liberation from the terror regime of Greater Serbia. However, in the present circumstances, the Partija Rada is wholeheartedly against the submissive regimes in Belgrade and Pristina, which are using national flags and constant stories of a better life to create a new form of robbery and slavery. This slavery takes place through a joint plundering attempt by the imperialists, multinational capital and the local puppet clique.

Today the Partija Rada is wholeheartedly on the side of the Serbian and Albanian masses to avoid being drawn into the plundering trade of the ruling cliques and the aggressive regional plans of the imperialist occupiers.

The Labour Party has always supported a common struggle of the dispossessed masses in Serbia, Kosovo and the Balkans. No agreements, signatures or alliances on paper can prevent the historical course of the masses in their struggle for freedom.

Balkan resistance movement!

Balkanskim pokretom otpora!