SERBIA - Comrade Feliks remains in the heart of the proletariat and peoples

Here we want to share a translation of an article from Austrian antifascists and revolutionaries, commemorating the death of a member from the Serbian "Partija Rada". The solidarity actions show the internationalist attitude, which binds the workers and oppressed from those countries.

Comrade Feliks remains in the heart of the international proletariat and the oppressed peoples of the Balkans!

In the middle of February Comrade Feliks died at the age of 57 years. Comrade Feliks was a long-term member of the "Partija Rada" (Party of Labor) in Serbia and a tireless fighter against imperialist oppression and for the interests of the working class and the oppressed peoples in the Balkans. His heart beat for the liberation of oppression and exploitation and his strength devoted the organization of this struggle.

As a member of the Partija Rada, he struggled for the creation of a revolutionary and anti-imperialist organization in the Balkans and went to prison for spreading these goals and principles. This struggle for the party, the "Partija Rada" (PR), also defends the heritage of the important Yugoslav Communist Vlado Dapčević, founder of the PR. Vlado Dapčević was an outstanding member of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia and an important representative in the struggle against Tito-revisionism and also Khrushchev-revisionism. After revisionism seized power in the Soviet Union, he supported the criticism of the Communist Party of China (CPC) at the opportunists and revisionists of the leadership of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Due to his struggle against social imperialism and revisionism he was persecuted and imprisoned for years. His heritage is the struggle against the old and for the creation of the new, a truly proletarian leadership that is needed so necessary. He did not lead this fight isolated, but as part of the International Communist Movement, whose red line was represented by the CPC at that time. This proletarian international attitude is also an important heritage, the comrade Vlado of Partija Rada put in the cradle. A heritage that comrade Feliks held high, defended with all his strength and always tried to applicate.

Also many antifascists and revolutionaries from Austria remember with proud of comrade Feliks. He was a role model for young members of the PR and showed them with his example that the struggle must be continued under difficult conditions, that the struggle is justified and necessary. Despite severe health problems, he adhered to the worries and necessities from the workers and oppressed peoples and the implementation of the policy of PR. With internationalist attitude and very warmly he met the antifascists and revolutionaries from other countries. Comrade Feliks supported the common struggle against imperialist exploitation and for the unification of the anti-imperialist and revolutionary forces of Central- and Eastern Europe. This internationalism is a sharp weapon and answer to the aggravation of the general crisis of capitalism and especially the EU's imperialists. The proletarian internationalism does not want just any "merger", but leadership for the workers and oppressed peoples at international level.

Comrade Feliks lives on where the workers and oppressed peoples unite together, take up the teachings of the classics of Marxism and apply them in the struggle. Comrade Feliks lives on where the oppressed peoples of the Balkans, based on the teachings of the previous struggles, raise against the imperialist predators. Comrade Feliks lives on where the revolutionary and communist forces struggle for an international unification and leadership!

Honor our comrade Feliks, fighter for the cause of the working class and the oppressed peoples!