ROMANIA - Third night in a row protest against the "covid measures" of the rulers!

Romania is hard hit by the pandemic like no other country in Europe. There is an enormously high mortality. Reason for it: the health service is in a catastrophic condition!

Thousands of doctors and nurses have been withdrawn in recent years by the imperial countries, especially Germany and Austria. What remained were ruins. Whole areas are without medical care and already during the first wave of the pandemic this was used as a pretext to push forward the militarization of society. Hospitals, for example, were unceremoniously placed under military supervision.

No measures for the protection of the public health are converted, on the other hand however cuts in the democratic fundamental rights are accomplished!

On the weekend, thousands of people rightly took to the streets again to protest against this, in Bucharest and other cities. Among other things, they demanded the opening of schools and no compulsion to vaccinate. They defended themselves against the state of emergency, which means nothing other than repression!