POLAND – Again Protests against Abortion Ban

Since 27th of January people justified took the street against the tighten abortion ban, which came into force on that day.

On Wednesday, Thursday, as well as on Friday numerous people took the street despite the ban on assembly because of the pandemic. Among others demonstrations took place in Warschau, Krakau, Lodz, Stettin. In Warschau the demonstrator went in front of the headquarter of the ruling party (PiS).

Previously abortion was allowed in cases like rape, threat to the mother‘s health or serious malformation of the child. There are no such exception with the new ban now. Different women‘s organizations pointed out, that these kind of ban forces women to illegal and much more dangerous abortion. There are estimates that about 200.000 Polish women every year have to claim illegal abortion. In relation to that: Just about 1.000 women per year are able to do it in a legal way.

Since the new ban came i force, demonstrations and also blockades with hundreds of people were carried out. There have been clashes with police and several people were imprisoned.

It‘s right to rebel! The struggle against abortion ban is justified!