PHILIPPINES - Shoot to Kill Policy

The corona virus has spread all over the world. In every country reactionary measures have been taken in the world, many basic democratic rights switched off. Curfews have been imposed in the Philippines. About half of the 110 million people living there are affected by this curfew. Food aid is no longer available in some areas! The people on the main island of Luzon, where more than half of the entire population live, are particularly hard hit. These are totally sealed off and have not received any food parcels since the Corona measures. The people protested against these measures for their basic needs, food supplies to promote!

According to official information, 17,000 people have been detained to date because they have not followed the curfew! After the demonstrations, President Duterte has given "shooting order for all people who don't stick to the measures and cause trouble "!

These measures not only takes action against the lowest strata and poorest in the country, but also against any political struggle. Justified People's war is raging in the Philippines. With these measures, the imperialists try even more to use violence against communists and revolutionaries, but also to suffocate any democratic struggle!

Its right to rebel!