PHILIPPINES - Celebration of 52 years Communist Party

On the 26th of December the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPPh) celebrated its 52 anniversary of foundation. The CPP carries out the people's war, leading the New People's Army. Great and strong mass events have been carried out in the revolutionary areas where the New Power arises and also in the cities where the party develops its struggle among the people. In a statement the CPP mentioned: "These activities are going to be held clandestinely to evade suppression by the fascist enemy's military and police forces."

And the CPP said the activities are meant to “look back in the past year, take stock of the current situation, pay tribute to the heroes and martyrs of the Philippine revolution, and affirm the commitment and determination to serve the people and fight to end the reign of terror and evil of the tyrannical US-Duterte regime.”

Long live the People's WAr in the Philippines!

Long live the Communist Party of the Philippines!