PALESTINE – Protest against Macron's Racism

The Palestine Nation has seen a high activity of protests in the last time.

On the 6th of November, three Palestinian protesters were injured by Israeli forces in Kafr Qaddum, north of the West Bank. The soldiers used tear gas and plastic bullets, as is reported, to suppress a demonstration against illegal isreali settlements and Israel's barrier in the occupied West Bank. The demonstrators struggled by pelting the soldiers with stones.

This came only six days after a protest at the symbolic place of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, against the Anti-Muslimic racism of French President Emmanuel Macron, on October 31st. Protests also occurred on Friday in the Freedom Square in the Taiz province in Yemen.

Thousands protested the statements on Friday that Islam is "a religion in crisis“, and the anti-democratic laws against Muslim citizens in France, all legitimized with the struggle against "Islamist separatism".

This was rightfully criticized, also by French Muslims as religious repression. It only brings forward more Anti-Muslimic Racism. The Palestine Nation, under occupation and oppression from Israel, is an important example for the material root of the Racism, targeted against the countries at the heart of the re-distribution plans of the Imperialists.

Freedom for Palestine!

Down with Racism and Imperialism!