NORWAY - Bus driver strike continues!

On September 20, the bus drivers stopped work and announced: This is just the beginning!

The bus driver strike continues! As reported, the state is already trying to take corporatist measures to counter this.Among other things, the pandemic will be used as an excuse to force bus workers to work without getting full support for their demands.

The bus drivers were forced by the authorities to negotiate, but they still continued their strike for another nine days! On 29. September 8,300 drivers went on strike! Oslo, Viken, Rogaland, Vestland, Trøndelag and Finnmark as well as all departments of Boreal throughout the country and all drivers in the Kristiansand region were affected.

The bus drivers showed great determination and the population showed understanding and broad support for their justified demands.

Forward in the struggle for the rights of the working class and popular masses!