(NORTH) MACEDONIA - Protests against electricity cost increase!

The average wage in Macedonia is about 400€, now the electricity costs are to be increased by 7.42%. The Macedonian government has even gone back on their demand for 25% before this increase. The price of 1 megawatt hour of electricity in Macedonia costs about 20% of the monthly salary. This puts them among the top 3 in Europe in terms of the most expensive electricity compared to the other European countries.

In Croatia this percentage is 17, much less than in Macedonia. In Greece this percentage is 12, in Great Britain this percentage is 7. Iceland has the cheapest electricity in Europe with only 3 percent. Only Romania has more with 21 percent. Bulgaria is similar to Macedonia. Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia are the countries with the most expensive electricity in Europe. All other countries have much cheaper electricity prices.

It is no coincidence that it is the Austrian group EVN, one company for electricity, gas and heat, which operates in 16 countries and makes almost half of its turnover abroad. In fiscal 2018/19, 44.4% of it's profits were generated outside Austria in the markets of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (previous year: 46.1%).

The enormous increase in the price of electricity is argumented by the fact that revenues declined by about 28 million euros. But the population is not asked whether they have lost their jobs due to the current "Corona - crisis" or whether they can still somehow afford to live.

But now the population has started to organize and struggle against the overpriced electricity prices. Justified they take to the streets and resist the attacks of the imperialist corporations!