NETHERLANDS - Justified Rage Against Corona Measures

For three days in a row, the Netherlands saw protests, riots and sometimes very militant clashes with the police. The curfews that went into effect over the weekend broke the camel's back. The masses have enough of Corona measures, which obviously do not protect their health, but the capital interests of the rulers!

The curfew had been decided by the parliament in Den Haag last Thursday. It was widely emphasized in Dutch media that it was the first curfew since the German occupation during World War II. On Sunday afternoon, 1500 people had gathered in Amsterdam to protest the curfew. The demonstration had not been authorized and there were 150 arrests by police.

As a result, protests against the night curfew have been taking place in several Dutch cities since Sunday night. A medical center was attacked and a Corona testing station went up in flames. Especially young people are not afraid to fight with the police.

Police had to intervene in at least ten cities, including Den Haag, Tilburg, Venlo, Helmond, Breda, Arnhem and Apeldoorn. In Eindhoven, tear gas and water cannons were used to disperse a crowd.

On the part of the rulers, the rioters are called "shameless thieves." Their justified anger at the ruling politicians is labeled criminal, and their rebellion against the measures is portrayed as a danger to the general public. Yet it is a justified anger that is now erupting after almost a year of pandemic. Not the fundamental anger about measures, because at the beginning of the pandemic many were still ready to carry the measures - but the anger about measures, which obviously do not serve the people's health, but only to reduce and restrict political and social rights!

Rebellion is justified!