MEXICO - #Justice For Alexis

We want to share an inofficial translation of an article by the Mexican Organization SolRojo and add another picture about the current struggles of women against killings in Mexico.

On November 7, a young woman named Bianca Alejandrina Lorenzana Alvarado (Alexis) mysteriously disappeared in the municipality of Benito Juárez. Her friends and family started to search for her and reported the facts to the State Prosecutor's Office, initiating the research folder 144 / ZN / 2020, issuing an alert for her search and location.

Two days later, her body was found inside a couple of black garbage bags. It was about a new disappearance of people, a new scene of torture and brutal cruelty committed against a woman, and again, another femicide. It is presumed that Alexis was picked up and tortured for the mere fact of being a woman, of being young and of going out to sell products on the street that she offered from digital applications as a means of subsistence.

Of the femicides reported by feminist organizations, the Quintana Roo State Attorney's Office only recognizes 12 during this year 2020. From social networks, Alexis also joined millions of Mexican women in demanding justice for women victims of femicides, knowing that in Mexico 10 women are murdered daily for the mere fact of being, while local laws oppose it. recognize the right to free and safe abortion, or assume gender-based killings against women as femicide.

One of the states that are opposed to empowering the Legal Interruption of Pregnancy (ILE) is precisely Quintana Roo, governed by the PAN-PRD and whose Local Congress is composed mainly of the MORENA-PT-PVEM alliance, where they have been presented at least three bills to legalize access to safe abortion and all have been rejected.

According to sources from the Secretariat of Health of Mexico City, Quintana Roo women top the list of states in the southeast of the country that request the ILE in their facilities, due to the still existing penalty in their state of origin.

Repression in Cancun

After the discovery of Alexis's remains, feminist organizations called up for a demonstration, which went to the Quintana Roo State Attorney General's Office and later to the Cancun municipal palace; there the women and activists made pints and knocked down some planks that were obstructing their progress. The most the girls did was light a fire.

The Quintana Roo state police and the Cancun municipal police then attacked the demonstration, firing firearms, both short and assault rifles, wounding several people. All this has been perfectly documented by the protesters and local media, transcending on social networks and at the national level. In these videos, it is clearly observed that the state and municipal police act outside of all protocol, with an implacable hatred against the demonstration, in a kind of vendetta that can only be explained by the reactionary role of the police forces (defenders of private property and the state ) and its collusion with organized crime groups.

Similarly, it has been observed that the National Guard (fourth reactionary army corps in the war against the people) witnessed the acts of repression, persecution, armed attacks, coups and fascist viciousness against the unarmed youth, keeping absolute mutis, letting the police troops do that like bloodthirsty hordes persecuted the youth.

Now, the right-wing governor assures that he did not give orders to attack the demonstration, as does the Morenoist municipal president of Cancun and the police chief of the single command.

In a tweet, journalist Lidia Cacho assured: “The Cancun police are given orders by the Cartel. #QuintanaRoo according to official data that I published in 2019 is among the 3 states with the most missing girls and a leader in child sexual exploitation, its trafficking networks go through the government, the police, businessmen and cartels ”. This in response to the statements of the local rulers.

It is clear that the war against the people and state terrorism ordered by imperialism, and carried out by the federal, state and municipal governments, in connection with the warlords and the large landowners, can only be stopped with organization and people's class struggle, when it identifies that the parasitic classes organized into factions and parties will be defeated not at the election polls (all the electoral parties of the regime represent the same interests and Quintana Roo gives us a clear example) but in the streets, with democratic and revolutionary struggle in the perspective of the power.



Stop the war against the people and state terrorism!

Women attack the Public Prosecuters Office in Mexico City: