KAZAKHSTAN - Women protesting against the government

After five children were dramatically killed in a fire in February 2019 because their parents had to work and there is no childcare, rallies are held regularly in various cities in Kazakhstan.

On November 23, 2020, dozens of women gathered in Shymkent in front of the city office and called on the local government to provide social benefits and support for poor families. Especially under the Corona conditions, it is even more difficult for poor families to survive in the already catastrophic conditions. Furthermore, they demand better living conditions as well as cheaper and faster internet for the children who have to study at home because of Corona.

The women demanded to remain in front of the city office until the responsible mayor hears their demands himself and implements them. On the way into the building, the women were stopped by the police and prevented from going to the city office.

Despite the corona regulations, single mothers and women with low incomes in particular gather and protest to demand that those in power keep their promises. When the protests began, the government announced a program to support families with more than three children. This buzzer has been cut twice since then!

As a result, a group of women protested outside the Ministry of Social Affairs that summer, demanding real support. They were forcibly arrested and quarantined in a hotel! But the intimidation attempts by the police and the government do not prevent the women from their struggle and their demands for better social benefits!

It's right to rebel!