KAZAKHSTAN – Protests in memory of the workers protests of 2011

On December 16th, Independence Day, hundreds of people gathered in Almaty for an unannounced protest. The main focus of the protest was the commemoration of the oil workers' protests in 2011, in which dozens of workers were killed and hundreds injured. Their protest was an expression of the worker's action to demand higher wages and better working conditions. On December 16th, the protesters also commemorated the youth protests of 1986, known as the Zheltoqsan Uprising, which called for more self-determination within the revisionist Soviet Union.

The main point was that those responsible for the murders in the protests in 2011 and 1986 should be brought to justice!

Other slogans could be heard from the demonstrators, such as: "Release all political prisoners!" And a democratic holding of the parliamentary elections which will take place on January 10th.