JOSEF STALIN: On his 142th birthday

On the 18th of December we celebrate the 142th birthday of the great leader of the international proletariat and the oppressed people in the world, of one of the five classics of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism: Josef W. Stalin. This year is a special birthday of Comrade Stalin, because its the 75th year of victory over Nazi-fascism. Stalin, as the leader of the Soviet Union and the Red Army had the greatest contribution to this victory over Nazi-fascism, more than 27 millions of Soviet soldiers gave their lifes for the great antifascist war, which finally ended in the final defeat of Nazi-fascism and with that gave back the national freedom for a lot of countries. Stalin was also the continuer of Lenin and the best defender of Lenin's heritage after his death, he build up the great Soviet Union, the home country of the international working class.

Within the darkest hours of fascism, he was the leader of the Communist International, which united and led the struggle of the communists and antifascists in the whole world. This gave many Communist Parties the right line to organize the masses, to organize the armed struggle against fascism. That victory showed to the world the superiority and power of the state, which is under the leadership of the proletariat and serves the masses. Thousands of people who were activly fighting against Nazi-fascism in so many countries, died with the words "for Stalin" on their lips. This showes us the huge significance of this birthday this year, where the international working class and the peoples celebrate their great victory 75 years ago!

In that sense we want to share here the victory speech of Stalin, which he held on the 9th of May, at the day of freedom from Nazi-fascism!

Long live the 142th birthday of Josef Stalin! Let us learn from Josef Stalin and the great anfascist war!

Victory Speech

Broadcast from Moscow at 20.00 hours (Moscow time) on May 9, 1945

May 9, 1945

Marshal Josef Stalin

COMRADES! Men and women compatriots!

The great day of victory over Germany has come. Fascist Germany, forced to her knees by the Red Army and the troops of our Allies, has acknowledged herself defeated and declared unconditional surrender.

On May 7 the preliminary protocol on surrender was signed in the city of Rheims. On May 8 representatives of the German High Command, in the presence of representatives of the Supreme Command of the Allied troops and the Supreme Command of the Soviet Troops, signed in Berlin the final act of surrender, the execution of which began at 24.00 hours on May 8.

Being aware of the wolfish habits of the German ringleaders, who regard treaties and agreements as empty scraps of paper, we have no reason to trust their words. However, this morning, in pursuance of the act of surrender, the German troops began to lay down their arms and surrender to our troops en masse. This is no longer an empty scrap of paper. This is actual surrender of Germany’s armed forces. True, one group of German troops in the area of Czechoslovakia is still evading surrender. But I trust that the Red Army will be able to bring it to its senses.

Now we can state with full justification that the historic day of the final defeat of Germany, the day of the great victory of our people over German imperialism has come.

The great sacrifices we made in the name of the freedom and independence of our Motherland, the incalculable privations and sufferings experienced by our people in the course of the war, the intense work in the rear and at the front, placed on the altar of the Motherland, have not been in vain, and have been crowned by complete victory over the enemy. The age-long struggle of the Slav peoples for their existence and their independence has ended in victory over the German invaders and German tyranny.

Henceforth the great banner of the freedom of the peoples and peace among peoples will fly over Europe.

Three years ago Hitler declared for all to hear that his aims included the dismemberment of the Soviet Union and the wresting from it of the Caucasus, the Ukraine, Byelorussia, the Baltic lands and other areas. He declared bluntly: “We will destroy Russia so that she will never be able to rise again.” This was three years ago. However, Hitler’s crazy ideas were not fated to come true—the progress of the war scattered them to the winds. In actual fact the direct opposite of the Hitlerites’ ravings has taken place. Germany is utterly defeated. The German troops are surrendering. The Soviet Union is celebrating Victory, although it does not intend either to dismember or to destroy Germany.

Comrades! The Great Patriotic War has ended in our complete victory. The period of war in Europe is over. The period of peaceful development has begun.

I congratulate you upon victory, my dear men and women compatriots!

Glory to our heroic Red Army, which upheld the independence of our Motherland and won victory over the enemy!

Glory to our great people, the people victorious!

Eternal glory to the heroes who fell in the struggle against the enemy and gave their lives for the freedom and happiness of our people!