ITALY - Workers and people on the streets in Naples

On 25th of October workers and other parts of the people went on the streets to show their anger and resistance against the "crisis-management" of the ruling classes of Italy. It was organized by an worker's organization and the protesters were workers, unemployed and students. At the Confindustria building eggs with red paint were thrown at the door and in front of the entrance a banner was placed with the words "Four deaths at work a day, this is violence". The protesters were not principally against a lockdown, but only on condition that "for the unemployed and workers there is a guaranteed full wage". They demanded the full protection of health, as well as the guarantee of wages during the lockdown.

They also critisized the hypocrisy of the ruling politics, that while the nightlife is criminalized, they don't care and talk about the daily slaughter and the thousands of outbreaks in factories and warehouses due to the total lack of security measures against infections. They demand: Guaranteed wages and reduced working hours and that the capitalists should pay for the crisis.

Also in the night demonstrations and rebellion took place.