ITALY - Mass protests against lockdown!

Last month in Italy there were numerous demonstrations, protests and clashes with the police, some of them very militant! The masses are justifiably resisting the measures of the ruling class to contain the pandemic: because it means nothing other than repression, not the protection of the health of the population, but the protection of capital is focused!

It is no wonder that Italy is one of the countries that have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic, given that in recent years there have been major cuts in the health sector. In addition, the burden of deepening of the general crisis of capitalism is being shifted onto the masses! They are affected by the pandemic, unemployment, poverty and now also by anti-democratic measures in the lockdown!

Now, with the new worsening, the masses have had enough, and in several cities they took to the streets and fought resolutely to defend their democratic rights!

It's right to rebel!