IRAQ – Nationwide protests against unemployment and basic services problems

The protest wave was triggerd on Sunday, 8th of July, near Basra. From there, the protests spread all over the country to Baghdad.

The trigger for the broad demonstrations was the catastrophic economic conditions in the country, especially the high unemployment, the rising cost of living and the devastating problems in the universal service. There is a large lack of water in the country and again and again there are power outages.

The climax reached the protests on Sunday, the 14th of July. The road to the port in Basra was blocked by the demonstrating masses. This port is the most important oil transfer center in the country.

An attempt was also made to storm a hotel in which the prime minister had a meeting with some government officials. In addition, attempts were made to storm the government building.

Several people were attacked and injured by the police. Two protesters were killed by the police.

The Iranian people also tried to storm the governors house in a province, many of whom were arrested and injured by the police.

In Najaf, the airport was stormed, bringing air traffic to a standstill. However, the demonstrators were quickl displaced by the military. As a result, a curfew was imposed in this city.

The bulk of Iranians showed their discontent with the conditions in the country last week, especially their dissatisfaction with the „newly elected“ government. The ballots of the recently elected government are recounted due to allegations of forgery.

But that does not mean improving the situation for the Iranian people. They have fewer and fewer faith and illusions in the government.

Rebellion is justified!

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