INDIA - Protests against "black laws"

Since the beginning of the week, peasants in India have been protesting again against the agrarian reform, which was published in September. After the government did not withdraw the reform after the protests in September, they protested again.

Since the beginning of the week, farmers across the country have been protesting against the new agricultural laws. Thousands of them now marched to Delhi to make their demand more concrete. On the way to Delhi, barricades attempted to stop them with tear gas and water cannons, which led to clashes with the police. The peasants did not let that stop them and broke the barricades!

20,000 farmers blocked the Delhi-Haryana Highway and shouted slogans such as “Down with the Modi government”, “Long live the revolution” and “Repeal the black laws”.

The new reform plans to relax the rules on sales, pricing and storage. So far, however, these rules have protected the farmers from the free market and the minimum support price was also protected by these regulations. The justification by the Hindu fascist party BJP is: "Reforms are necessary to increase the income and productivity of farms." But it actually means the ruin of millions and millions of farmers, especially poor and small farmers, because there is no longer any price protection or market protection.

This time, the farmers are not so quick to be dissuaded from their protest and say "We will protest until the government withdraws the reforms!"

Rebellion is justified!