INDIA – Peasants Protests Support Political Prisoners

In India, peasants have been protesting against new legislation by the name of the „three farmers acts“ since its introduction in September. After the loosening of the last CoV-Shutdown, the major farmer unions organized as part of this protest the so-called „march on Dheli“, a big protest march towards the Indian City of Dheli.

„According to experts the laws, aimed at “liberalizing” Indian agriculture, will gradually drive out small and marginal farmers by creating private monopolies in the market.", writes, admitting that the freedom for everyone to act as they please is nothing but the right of the strongest, the freedom for a handful of imperialist monopolies. This „liberalization“ of the Indian agricultural sector will deepen the farmers exploitation by imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism.

Even after the bharat bandh, the national strike with over 250 Million people, the biggest in history, took place in support of the „farmers protests“, on 30 November, India Today estimated that between 200,000 and 300,000 peasants were converging at various border points on the way to Delhi.

Unheard by the Narenda Modi government, the peasants have been camping out in the open at the outskirts of Delhi since then. They are heroically proving their strength against the rain and the cold temperatures.

Many women are part of the protests. The increase of the hardship for the Indian peasants will deepen the patriachal oppression of the women, and thus, the mass protests have shown that the anger of the women is a powerful weapon for the people.

The farmers protest have been dominated by members of the oppressed Sikh religious group, and have been the strongest in the states with the most sikh inhabitants.

There has been international solidarity with the farmers protests, from cities like New York, Toronto, Sidney and many more places. This solidarity between the protests in the semi-colonial country of India, and the people's movements in the imperialist countries, is of great importance and shows the deepening of the political crisis of imperialism, amidst the general crisis of capitalism.

Interestingly, in India, the reactionary Union Minister Piyush Goyal already on the 12th of December not only stated the lie that these laws are for the benefit of nearly 100 million farmers across the country. He also said: "We now realise that the so-called farmer agitation hardly remains a farmers' agitation. It has almost got infiltrated by Leftist and Maoist elements, a flavour of which we saw over the last two days when there were extraneous demands to release people who have been put behind bars for illegal activities,"

Who are these people, whose release are demanded? "so-called intellectuals and poets"The reason for this fear-mongering, that every people’s protest is secretly organized by the Communist Party of India (Maoist), the great leader of the People’s War in India, is an action by the farmers Union … on December 11th. They made Fotos in solidarity with jailed intellectuals, accused of being “urban naxals”, affiliated with the CPI(Maoist).

Being a revolutionary, a fighter for the people, is punished by jail and worse in India. This is the reason Joginder Ugrahan, president of the BKU (Ekta-Ugrahan) said: “What did people like Gautam Navlakha or Sudha Bharadwaj do? They showed how poor people in remote areas are living under extreme stress and how they were unfairly treated by the governments. There are others who show how people of Kashmir live in constant fear of the security forces. We believe that the Modi government put all of them in prison only to silence them. It is our responsibility, then, to speak up for the citizens,”

The Indian rulers are clearly afraid of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) uniting with the struggling million-masses. As one of India’s most important political prisoners, the intellectual and poet G.N. Saibaba said:

Support the stuggling masses in India!

Support the People‘s War in India!

Long live the CPI(Maoist)!