INDIA – News from the People’s War

While the Communist Party of India (Maoist) is observing the 20th anniversary of the People’s Liberation Guerilla Army under it’s leadership, the struggle continues.

Two days before the anniversary, on November 30th, an exchange of fire took place at Thotaguda in the district of Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, between fighters of the PLGA and the old Indian states forces. A contractor, engaged in road construction in a remote area of Odisha’s Malkangiri district, was killed by fighters of the CPI(Maoist), who also set ablaze three vehicles, and machines used in the work. They left a handwritten poster at the site. The CPI(Maoist) is opposing the road construction as it would facilitate the movement of vehicles of the old Indian state's security forces.

Before, already on December 6th, thousands of villagers in Bastar have come out in protest against the arrest of six farmers put on trial for being "Maoists". A week before, the protests started as dharnas for five days at Kademeta village from where the farmers were arrested. On the 6th, the protests had grown to around 5000 villagers, blocking the local road for hours. While the protesters have not submitted any memorandum of any sort, their demands grew from the liberation of the arrested to the dismanteling of all security camps and the scrapping of the planned iron ore mine in the are.

A message to the cadres of the CPI(Maoist) fell into the hands of the reaction. The specific details how the document was robbed and how legit it is are unclear. If it is real, it must have been captured by force. It is described by the reactionary press as an “ instruction to Maoist formations across the country to form smaller squads and similar formations to launch attacks and wipe out police information network.” Amongst plans of “Expansion to the western ghats” there is notion of other big news.

The reactionary media, in its limited understanding, describes this leap “They (Maoists) are now appealing their cadre to shift the focus and strategy of using the PLGA, which comprises of train ed guerrillas, to form Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA) which would include masses, supporters and armed rebels too for expanding their dominated and controlled areas."

If this information holds true, it means a big step is being prepared in the People’s War. The goal of creating the People’s Liberation Army has been given out as one of the most important steps by the party, especially at the most difficult times. Faced with the gruesome “operation green hunt”, the party called on the cadres and masses to “develop PLGA into PLA and guerilla warfare into mobile warfare with the aim of developing Dandakaranya and Bihar-Jharkhand into Liberated Areas!”

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