INDIA - Maoist posters have surfaced again!

A dozen posters of the Communist Party of India (maoist) have appeared in recent weeks in Bengal, including those areas in which the party is reclaiming territory.

Four hand-written posters in the name of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) were found in Sarenga in the Bankura district of West Bengal. According to the Indian media, the Maoists had a stronghold there. This is the third time since August that such posters have been discovered in the western districts of the state. Two of these posters were placed in buildings of the State Department for Land and Land Reform.

On the eve of Independence Day last month, about a dozen posters were recovered from three villages in the Bhulabheda area of Jhargram district, another stronghold of Maoist activity. The posters called on the public to regard Independence Day as a "black day". On September 4, some handwritten posters were found in Belpahari, also in Jhargram district.

These are particularly important actions, as they are the expression of an offensive that is taking back territories. The reaction says that the former "strongholds" have been lost with 2011, but the CPI(maoist) shows that it is determined struggling for it!

Mondal, a responsible officer of the Sarenga police station, is confident of victory when speaking to the Indian media: "To build a base, the Maoists need the support of the villagers. This is no longer possible because the perception of the local people has changed ". But the rulers know that this can never last, they are faced with fear and are arming themselves. The government is not inactive and will "tackle the problem efficiently", it was reported. On September 7, Virendra, the Director General of the State Police, visited those districts (Jhargram and West Midnapore) to personally check the security arrangements.