INDIA - Bandh on December 21st

At the beginning of December, farmers in the Visakhapatnam region were arrested because they were accused of supporting the revolutionaries. The government had carried out killings, arrests and violent surrenders under repressive pretexts.

According to Malkangiri Divisional Committee secretary Kailasam, the police "beat the innocent tribesmen to get information from the Maoists and arrested the villagers at weekly markets, banks and food depots." Also, two cadres of the CPI (Maoist) have been killed at Singavaram forest area in alleged fake encounter on December 12th.

The CPI (Maoist) therefore called on the region to participate in the Bandh on December 21st and released a letter and an audio message calling the tribals to observe the bandh. In the audio message Kailasam alleged that the police had killed two Maoists, while they were sleeping and also alleged that the police killed a girl from the same village.

“All of these tactics are nothing more than terrorizing people. Improved security camps or methods of repression would not stop the popular movement. "said Kailasam.

A lot of posters and banners of the CPI (Maoist) appeared in advance to call for the bandh. Where the Maoists have strong influence, the bandh has been enforced very successfully. In Malkangiri for example, as reported by the Indian media, on 21st, police stations were closed and the state bus lines were cancelled.

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