INDIA- Attack on police station by villagers

In the village of Pandeydih, around 1,000 villagers attacked the police station there with weapons on December 24th. The reason for the establishment of the police post was the alleged stay of a member of the CPI's special area committee (maoist), who is on the list of the most wanted persons of the police. The village and the region there is part of a red area of ​​the party and the reaction is now trying in vain to recapture this area. The approximately 1,000 villagers, mostly women, attacked the post in an attempt to force the withdrawal of reactionary troops. Due to the high presence of the CPI (Maoist) and the deep anchoring in the masses of the region there, the reaction is arming its troops to attack and divide the villagers. These are strong actions out of the masses which shows how deeply the CPI (maoist) is connected to the masses.

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