INDIA – Actions in for 20th anniversary of the PLGA continue

As we reported earlier, the 2nd of December, the 20st anniversary of the foundation of the People‘s Liberation Guerilla Army, under leadership of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), has been the starting point for a year of militant actions and celebrations of the PLGA and the People‘s War in India. Many actions have already been observed.

As the reactionary media reported, during the first week (PLGA-week) many pamphlets have been distributed, Maoist posters allegedly surfaced in Visakhapatnam Agency in Visakhapatnam District of Andhra Pradesh and banners have been erected at several places in Purulia District of West Bengal to celebrate the week and the anniversary. This is the first time since 2011 that such a large number of Maoist posters and banners have appeared in the Jungle Mahal.” reports the reactionary media. Even in preparation of the campaign the party has already reached new territories.

The cultural wing of the Maoist party, the Chetna Natya Manch (CNM), has released two music videos. Most likely filmed in Sukma in Chattisgarh and circulated across Central India, they feature dancing groups of Adivasi (Indian natives) masses and comrades, and also the lyrics are in the native language of Gondi. This region is known as „Dandakaranya“, or „the forest of punishment“, a stronghold of the party and the PLGA.

Large gatherings of Adivasi are filmed, dancing to songs that celebrate the PLGA and the Martyr leaders and masses. It is a proof on camera for the masses support for the party and the army, for the people‘s war. One video is a short musical documentary on the life of achievements of comrade Ramanna, who was martyrred in 2019, dying of cardiac arrest while living the hard life of a partisan warrior. Another video shows the various achievements of the PLGA, in the 20 years since its foundation.

Diminished as „psychological warfare“, this musical part of the campaign for the PLGA is exemplary for the proletarian struggle on the cultural field, as part of the struggle against imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism.

The celebrations of the anniversary are met by an increased number of “counter-Maoist” offensives, especially in the recent months. In the district of Malkangiri, the ruling classes have met special safety measures in anticipation of the PLGA-Week, the district police and paramilitary forces are on high alert. Besides, plying of Government bus services has been stopped in the sensitive areas. With every successful action a blow is dealt against the image of the indestructibility of the old Indian state, showing more and more that it is far from invincible.

Support the People’s War in India!

Hold high the 20th anniversary of the PLGA!