INDIA – 20 years of PLGA: Large-scale Poster Action

At the beginning of December dozens of CPI (Maoist) posters and banners were seen in the Purulia district. It is the first time since 2011 that such a large number of CPI (maoist) posters have been distributed. With the posters the people in the district were asked to celebrate the big anniversary of the PLGA and asked to take part in the farmers' protests against the Black Laws! According to police reports, they regard the number of posters as arguing, "We had never seen such Maoist activity since our party came to power." A large number of CPI (Maoist) posters were also sighted and confiscated in the Odisha district in order to withhold them from the people. In Telangana in particular, the police presence was greatly increased after the sightings of posters were reported. Especially since the PLGA's activities in this region have increased sharply, the response has intensified its searches and controls.

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Hold high the 20th anniversary of the PLGA!