GREECE - Pupils resist against Corona measures

At the start of school on September 14, all students were given a protective mask that was much too large and a bottle of water on the first day of school to protect them against the pandemic. These were the only protective measures of the Greek government while making big propaganda for the alleged "good preparation" of students and teachers for the next Corona wave in Autumn.

Particularly remarkable: Those who do not participate, those who are not willing to wear a mask for 6-7 hours, "that ones carries the blame for the spreading of the virus", so the Minister of Education said. At the same time, there are often more than 25 children sitting in rooms that are far too small, there is a lack of teaching staff and a lack of hygiene measures.

Right in the first week after the start of school, resistance arose. More and more schools were squatted, pupils demonstrated on the streets. Their demands are among others: Fewer students in class, free COVID-19 tests for all, more teaching staff and more hygiene measures in the schools.

The protest has spread quickly throughout Greece and several demonstrations by thousands of students take place every week.1) Fewer students in class, 2) Free COVID-19 tests for all, 3) More teaching staff, 4) More hygiene measures in the schools, 5) No distance learning, no cameras in the classes and transmission of the lessons, 6) No to the new school reform.

The protest has spread quickly throughout Greece and several determined demonstrations by thousands of students take place every week. The government tried with all means to slander this justified student struggle. At the beginning it said that the students are protesting because they are simply "mask refuser". Then it attacked the demonstrations with tear gas and batons. Then a wave of repression started: Occupied schools were switched to distance learning and those students who actively participated in the protests were excluded from it! Nevertheless the justified protest does not stop!