GREECE - Mass Protests Against New Education Bill

On Wednesday, February 10, thousands of students, teachers, professors and activists took to the streets to demonstrate against a new, repressive eductation bill.

Among other things, this new law allows police to enter university campuses and conduct operations. A law, withdrawn in 2019, long banned police from entering university campuses in Greece. This ban found its origins in a 1973 riot at the Athens Polytechnic against the military regime and those killed in the process.

Justified, the masses in Greece will not let this ban be taken away. In several cities there were demonstrations and sometimes very combative clashes with the police. As reported by trade unionists, even journalists covering the protests were also beaten by the police.

There is often talk of the "Kerameus Bill", as it is Niki Kerameus, the Minister of Education, who introduced the new law. She justified it by saying that there was a problem of security on Greek campuses that had become acute and that the "current lawlessness" was forcing Greek students to study abroad. Obviously it is not the old "lawlessness", but the new laws that are worrying the students, making them march in the streets in thousands - and exposing them to massive repression and police violence on the very first day!

But the numerous demonstrations of Wednesday should have been only the beginning, many struggling organizations called again for protests!

It's right to rebel!

Down with the Kerameos Bill!