GERMANY - Successful 25 November!

Successful demonstrations were held in Hamburg and Bremen on the Day against Violence against Women!

On the occasion of November 25th, the Red Women's Committee of Germany also published a powerful greeting message, which we are happy to document in the following.

"On November 25th, the Day Against Violence against Women, several hundred people gathered in Hamburg and Bremen to demonstrate against patriarchal violence, despite the state of emergency in the Federal Republic of Germany, which had again become more severe. This year, 25 November is of particular importance, since with the state of emergency imposed, cases of violence against women have also increased enormously.The bourgeois state, which is largely responsible for the increase in patriarchal violence, also tried to use 25 November to its own advantage and launched a hypocritical campaign in an attempt to channel women's anger into legal channels." (in own translation), the German news site "Dem Volke Dienen" reported on this year's November 25th in Germany.

Below we share photos from the demonstrations, as well as the poster for the mobilization of the Red Women's Committees: