GERMANY - Solidarity against Repression

Activists of the revolutionary organization "Roter Aufbau" were the target of repression of the ruling classes of Germany last week. There were numerous house searches and 22 activists are accused of forming "a criminal organization".

Concerned ones reported in the social media: (own translation) "This morning we and the people who assign by them to us had again a visit. Some of them came again with SEK units (Special forces command) and pulled people out of bed with machine guns. There are proceedings against our structure because of the building of a criminal organization according to paragraph 129 StGB. At the moment we can't overview the extent of the operation against us, currently we assume 10-15 house searches. In addition, the left district store Lüütje Lüüd was searched. All technology and notes were taken, as well as individual items of clothing. We know that the 129 StGB is famous as a snooping paragraph, it rarely does even come to an indictment, because the primary goal is to examine our structures". Revolutionaries in Bremen (Germany) organized a manifestation in solidarity on Saturday, September 5. A leaflet emphasized the importance of solidarity against attacks of the rulers like these, on parts of the revolutionary movement!