FRANCE- Pupils, students, let's dare to struggle!

Yesterday, on the 21st of January, the young revolutionaries in Lyon were present at the demonstration for the improvement of the students' living conditions. As they reported, it was a good opportunity to discuss with everyone and to distribute the revolutionary newspaper La Cause du Peuple. At the end of the demonstration, a fierce speech was given, which made clear the misery of the students. Only days before, a medical student took her life out of despair, and two others tried to kill themselves!

"This distress of numerous students does not come out of nowhere. It is the consequence of an economic system, capitalism, which keeps billions of people in poverty for a few thousand exploiters, millionaires and billionaires. The social violence of this capitalist system is present throughout society and therefore affects students from the proletariat. This must be said loud and clear, what politicians, media and bosses call ′′ equality of opportunity ′′ does not exist!" was said among others in the speech (own translation) "Too many suffer from unemployment or survive through precarious and alienating temporary measures. This is no coincidence!" and further "So this situation didn't just start yesterday, and the covid crisis and the government's chaotic handling of the epidemic have only exacerbated the problems that were already there. The capitalist system is in its rotten stage and cannot make any further progress. It is a moribund, parasitic system that is living in its last years, and the imperialist powers are on their way to the third world war to recover from the crisis. In the face of this situation, it is necessary to organize! We are in a revolutionary period in which this system is being swept. We want a society in which education does not depend on the demands of employers, but on the contrary is organized to turn society in the interest of the whole population! This can only be done in a working class led society. Our spot today is the conquest of power through socialist revolution. To accomplish this task, we must organize to struggle and resist. Let us struggle, let us dare to conquer."