FRANCE/INTERNATIONAL – Free Georges Ibrahim Abdallah!

In October, a month of international solidarity was held for the long-time political prisoner Georges Ibrahim Abdallah. In order to express the demand for his release, many different actions were carried out, especially in France, but also internationally. The highlight was a very successful demonstration on October 24th in France, Lannemezan, where Georges Ibrahim Abdallah is in prison.

Georges Ibrahim Abdallah was arrested on October 24, in 1984 and has been in prison for 37 years. He is the longest imprisoned political prisoner in Europe. He would have served his minimal sentence as early as 1999, but since then, particularly at the urging of U.S. imperialism, it has been extended again and again. His crime was to struggle for Palestine's freedom and right to national self-determination! His crime is still to demanding on that, organizing actions in prison and still not to be broken!

The national oppression of Palestine by Israel, the obedient lackey of U.S. imperialism, is currently increasing and showing ever more extensive dimensions. Under the pretext of the Covid-19 epidemic, even sharper and more aggressive measures are being imposed to oppress the Palestinians, but also the Israeli people. The political crisis in Israel is increasingly deepening, driving U.S. imperialism and its lackey Israel to make a further push of aggression against the Palestinian popular masses!

All the more weight is given to the powerful actions carried out on the anniversary of the arrest of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah!

Against the oppression of Palestine by US imperialism and its lackey Israel!

Down with Zionism and imperialism!

Long live International Solidarity!

Freedom for Georges Ibrahim Abdallah!

Freedom for all political prisoners!

In the following we document some of the actions that were carried out, which express a strong sign of international solidarity with the justified struggle of Palestine!


On Saturday, October 24 in Lannemezan, more than 600 people strong and lively protested in front of the prison where Georges Abdallah is imprisoned.

The Jeunes Révolutionnaires (Young Revolutionaries) formed a strong bloc at the demonstration:

“We were present yesterday at the protest for the liberation of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, in front of the prison in which he is locked down, in Lannemezan. Oldest political prisoner in French state, communist Georges Abdallah continues to support Palestinian cause and the liberation of all political prisoners. He is from our struggles, we are from his struggle, let's free Georges Abdallah!”

In the run-up to the demonstration, as well as simultaneously at other locations, numerous other actions were carried out:


In Gaza on 2nd of November, a manifestation for the liberation of Georges Abdallah before the French Institute was carried out.

On 3rd of November in Ramallah, a demonstration for the release of Maher al-Akhras, Georges Abdallah and all Palestinian prisoners was organized.

“Gaza with Georges Abdallah today!”, was titled with this picture on 24th of October.

On 14th October in Ramallah a demonstration for the release of Maher al-Akhras and all Palestinian prisoners, as well supported the release of Georges Abdallah:




At the invitation of the Tunisian Solidarity Committee for the release of George Ibrahim Abdullah, on October 24, a protest was organized in front of the embassy of France in the capital.





In Berlin on 4th of November, solidarity action for the liberation of Georges Abdallah, Maher al-Akhras, Ahmad Sa ' adat, Khalida Jarrar and all Palestinian prisoners was organized.

In Frankfurt on 24th of October, in solidarity with Georges Abdallah:


In Rotterdam, Netherlands, sticker campaign against racism and for the liberation of Georges Abdallah was carried out.


In Austin graffiti in solidarity with Georges Ibrahim Abdallah was made.

Actions for mobilizing the demonstration and other powerful actions during the month of solidarity were carried out:

Other successful actions organized by the Jeunes Révolutionnaires (Young Revolutionaries):

The justified demand for the release of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, also was brought to the streets in other demonstrations: