EUROPE - Protests and struggles: A short review of September

Following we publish a short review of actions, protest and struggle of the working class and the peoples in Europe in September. That is an excerpt of the rebellion and resistance of the masses against the attacks of the rulers and important initiatives which have been carried out by communists and revolutionary forces.


In recent weeks, the Bulgarian masses, revolutionaries and organized workers of the independent unions SBMS and ARK have made important gains. Because of violent attacks by the police and arrests of activists and attacks on the organized nurses of the SBMS, activists in Austria set a successful sign of solidarity with the struggling masses in Bulgaria!

On September 19th, a demonstration took place in Austria/Vienna under the slogan: "We are not paying for your crisis!"

On September 10, a powerful rally was organized in the neighborhood by the Red Women's Committee Linz and the Mor-Kızıl Kolektif (Purple-Red Women's Collective). Under the slogan: "We're not paying for your crisis!", speeches were given, a theater performance was staged, and there was a table of popular solidarity.


On September 17, nurses and workers from different sectors gathered in support of the struggling workers of the chemical Industry in Dimitrovgrad.

"When workers are united - they cannot be defeated! Solidarity is our weapon!"

The protests of the nurse are getting more and more fierce and determined! For more than two weeks their protest camp stood in front of the Ministry of Health. Nurses, sympathizers, and revolutionaries from various cities participated to push through their demands. (repression against the struggling nurses protests continue)


Action on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the speech of the chairman Gonzalo was carried out:


Yellow-vest protests: After a long time, thousands of people took to the streets in France again on September 12. State of emergency and police repression, including bans on assembly, did not stop people from taking their anger and demands to the streets:

Further action in solidarity with Liam Campbell took place:

Demonstration against deportations in Caen:


On Saturday, the 5th of September revolutionaries in Bremen held a manifetation in solidarity with the "Roter Aufbau", which became the target of state repression earlier this month.

On September 24th, in occasion of the anniversary of the speech of chairman Gonzalo, a manifestation took place in Berlin and flyers were distributed. During the rally slogans such as "Defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo!" and "Long live international solidarity!" were shouted.

Further actions were carried out for this occasion in Frankfurt


A manifestations in solidarity with the Palestinian people took place:

Actions in Solidarity for the political prisoners in India have been carried out:


Several thousand people gathered in Macedonia’s capital on 9th of September to protest again a planned hike in electricity bills, in a demonstration.


Again against the openly fascist Norwegian party SIAN. Towards the end of their tour there was a successful counter-demonstration:

On September 7th there were actions across the country for Eugene Obiora, who was killed by police 14 years ago. It has been reported that this happend the first time sincein many years, also that it took place in five different locations.

20th of September: After an interruption in wage negotiations, 3,800 bus drivers went on strike in eastern Norway. This is just the beginning, they said, and that a total of more than 10,000 drivers can go on strike. In this case, bus traffic can be stopped across the country.


In Malmö there were militant struggles against fascists and police. It is reported that more than 300 people gathered after the fascists held a demonstration in the proletarian quarter of Rosengården.


Spontaneous demonstrations occurred in Madrid when the government deliberately introduced extensive curfews in working-class neighborhoods.