EUROPE - Protests and struggles: A short review of October

Following we publish a short review of actions, protest and struggle of the working class and the peoples in Europe in October. That is an excerpt of the rebellion and resistance of the masses against the attacks of the ruling classes and important initiatives which have been carried out by communist and revolutionary forces.


Actions for active boycott of the elections: In October, elections were held in Vienna's municipal council. Revolutionary forces organized an active boycott of elections and showed at events that one cannot have confidence in parliamentarianism.

Demonstration: In Steyr, a small but very important industrial city in Upper Austria, a demonstration was organized against the closure of the MAN truck&bus plant. For the whole region this means a big wave of layoffs. Up to 6000 workers are affected by this closure.

Demonstration: "Clapping is not enough"-this was the motto under which workers from the nursing home took to the streets and demanded a reduction in working hours to 35 hours with full wage compensation. Further a solidarity action was made after the demonstration for the fighting nurses in Bulgaria.


Solidarity actions continue. The revolutionaries in France also went from door to door to tell the masses in their neighbourhoods that they are now continuing with people's solidarity and that they are there for the people, even under the tougher conditions.

Great actions for the release of Gerorge Ibrahim Abdhala: We reportet, (for more click here)


A rally with about 100 participants was held in Helsinki on October 20. It was against the fascist constitution in Chile.


Demonstration against fascists: Fascists of the NPD and Die Rechte took to the streets to demonstrate against the ban on Reich flags and Reich war flags. Antifascists, communists and revolutionaries took action against the fascists.

- Bremen: Event on the Brazilian state's attacks on the LCP

October 3: Combative demonstration against the police state of FRG


- Demonstrations against the abortion law


- Demonstrations in the different cities against the Corona - measures.


- Demonstrations in the different cities against the Corona measures.