EUROPE - Protests and struggles: A short review of August

Following we publish a short review of actions, protest and struggle of the working class and the peoples in Europe in August. That is an excerpt of the rebellion and resistance of the masses against the attacks of the rulers and important initiatives which have been carried out by communists and revolutionary forces.


In France, the Jeunes Révolutionnaires (Young Revolutionaries) have made many actions of people's solidarity in different cities from Lyon, St. Etienne to Paris. They distributed food and information material to the masses in the neighborhood. As well as solidarity action with Liam Campbell and training sessions for self-defense have been carried out:

People's Solidarity

Solidarity with Liam Campbell

Actions of Solidarity with Palestine and Georges Abdallah



Demonstrations and anti-fascist struggle against SIAN took place. SIAN is a fascist organization in Norway that has just made many actions but also gets a lot of dislike from the people. Each of their actions was disturbed by antifascists and stubbornly fought the founder and leader of the fascist SIAN, he even got a stone on his head! DEATH TO FASCISM!


Poster against shifting the burden of crisis on the people have been spread. As was reported, this was the starting signal for a campaign.


In the Balkans there has been organized successfully a camp of revolutionaries and activists. For a short report, following the link: Successful camp of revolutionaries has been organized


Various actions defending “Austin's Targeted Three" have been carried out:

Successful actions in solidarity with Varavara Rao (we reported):

Leo Gabler, immortal hero!

Leo Gabler was one of the leaders of the Communist Party during the Nazi fascism and organized the resistance and especially the youth. Delegates from various provinces gathered at his grave in Vienna's Central Cemetery to commemorate the communist Leo Gabler, who played an important role in the anti-fascist resistance struggle, the defeat of the Nazi beasts and the regaining of Austria's independence.



International workers' aid: Great success of international solidarity! Workers and revolutionaries in Austria have made a campaign of international workers aid to support the struggling nurses with disinfection and hygiene material - this package arrived in August.

For the reports follow this link: Great success of international solidarity!


Fascists held a rally, anti-fascists held one against it and could successfully stop it!

Action against the congress of the SDP (social democrats) and its people- hostile policy!


On August 4th, activists of the Anti-imperialist Action Ireland carried out a successful action in defense of the statue of Seán Russell, thousands of leaflets were distributed!

Successful action after attacks on the Seán Russell Monument (we reported):


Successfully action of Solidarity with Garrett Foster and the Austin's Targeted Three have been carried out:


Different demonstrations took place in Germany, in the following a small selection of pictures:

Rally against the repression of the revolutionaries within the "TKP/ML Process"!

Solidarity with Garrett Foster

Demonstration against the repression of antifascists and the racist murders in Hana took place: