EUROPE - Impressions of 8th of March

This year's March 8th brought many women, revolutionaries and activists to the streets. In several countries there was a significant increase of actions on International Women's Day, despite restrictions due to various Covid measures.

It is clear that the deepening of the general crisis of capitalism is to be passed on to the working class, the masses and especially to women. In response to the attempts of the bourgeoisie to mobilize women as a reserve of reaction, communists and revolutionaries held up the red March 8! This year was the 100th anniversary of this important international day of struggle. Red women and struggling women proved a hundred years ago, when they demonstrated in the midst of the Spanish flu pandemic, as well as today, that it is more than justified to take to the streets, to resist and to struggle for the interests of the exploited and oppressed!

Long live the red March 8! Long live the international women's struggle day!

In the following we give some impressions of various actions for this year's March 8:


To uphold March 8, many different and actions were carried out. In numerous cities, in the cities of Trondheim, Stavanger, Bergen, Kristiansand, Lillesand, Vennesla and Oslo powerful actions were documented!


Demonstration and manifestations on 8th of March:


Powerful actions and demonstrations took place in different parts of the country. Despite Corona measures, a total of over 1000 women participated. The activities particularly expressed anger against the ruling policy, which carried out harsh attacks against women in the name of "fighting the pandemic".

In the eve of March 8, vigorous mobilization actions were carried out. Struggling and revolutionary women of the Red Women's Committees as well as the Red-Purple Collective developed their politics with a variety of actions. The slogan "Unleash the strength of women for the revolution!" was put in the center.

In the actions, among others, the revolutionary Banu was held up and defended, who was imprisoned in Germany for years due to her political activity and is now to be deported to Turkey.


On International Women's Struggle Day, there were also numerous demonstrations and rallies in France.

Already on March 5, there was an unregistered demonstration in Toulouse. The police responded with tear gas, violence and numerous arrests. On March 8, revolutionaries, feminist groups and trade unions were on the streets in Paris to protest for the concerns of women!

Only the proletarian revolution will emancipate women! This was the slogan of the Young Revolutionaries. They carried out several powerful actions in Lyon, St. Etienne, Caen and Grenoble:


Activists in Serbia carried out actions of agitation this year. With numerous posters they called women to struggle against capitalism!


In the cities of Turku and Tampere there were successful actions on March 8. Rebellion is justified - was one of the slogans for the women who were fighting. As well as in speeches and banners the struggle against imperialism was emphasized:

"Against imperialism and patriarchy - for the revolutionary women's movement!"



In Germany, the Red Women's Committees called for demonstrations and actions on the 8 of March and carried out mobilization actions in advance. In several cities actions and demonstrations have been carried out. Banners called: "Women out for March 8!", "Women out for struggle", as well as for the struggle against patriarchy and imperialism.