EU - Frontex and the Israeli Weapon Industry

Recently, the Greek government signed a 20-year defense procurement agreement with the Israeli state worth $1.68 billion, whcih also involves the Elbit drones. These are already "well tried" and "tested", as they are praised in the bourgeois media. But the fact is, that it is about surveillance equipment which is used by the Israeli authorities for the brutal suppression of the masses in Gaza!

In the past, Greece's air force had already leased Heron drones, which are produced by the Israeli weapons company Aerospace Industries. Similar to the manufacturer Elbit, they were said to be already "proven". Field-tested and considered good at monitoring and attacking civilians in Gaza.

Greece is not an imperialist country, it is foreign capital that senses an opportunity here. Greece was chosen by the imperialists of the EU to carry out a new drone project within the framework of Frontex. Now, what has already been tested on the civilian population of Gaza is to be applied to the surveillance and repression of refugees in Greece. This project is welcomed by the weapon industry, as the EU is offering a good business opportunity with it. In January 2020, the project was put out to tender, Israel Aerospace Industries got the contract and immediately defined the flying of drones in civil airspace as an important step forward to conquer the market!