CHILE – 16-year old protestor thrown off bridge by Chilean police!

This 2nd of October a protest took place in Santiago, Chile. Groups of protestors had gathered at Plaza de la Dignidad (main square in Santiago) days before the anniversary of last years massive protests. When the police tried to break down the protest, a protestor was thrown off a bridge by the Chilean police.

When the police tried to break down the protests, they went in with armored cars, riot gear and tear gas. The situation had escalated a lot by now and what followed was a pursuit of the protestors by the militarized Chilean Police, the Carabineros. The pursuit led through a bridge built over the Mapocho river, which at this moment had really shallow waters. It was here, where it happened: a Carabinero, who was running in full trottle, pushed a 16-year-old protestor, from the side. The protestor happened to be on the edge of the bridge right next to the handrail. The Carabinero pushed with so much force and momentum that the protestor, fell over the handrail and landed 7 meters below in the shallow river. The protestor hurt himelf really bad. His wrist and skull were broken and as can be seen in the pictures, he was bleeding profusely. His situation was critical.

Different reports from protestors say that the Carabineros continued with their repression against the protest, completely blocking the emergency forces and hindering emergency help for the injured protestor in critical condition.

After some time emergency forces did reach the demonstrator and they were able to treat him and send him to a hospital. He is currently in stable condition.

After this happening, the Chilean police had the audacity to deny any involvement of police force, first claiming it had been an accident. After multiple videos and pictures started showing up, they had to admit it was one of their forces, who had pushed the demonstrator and thus had tried to take his life. Even then, the Carabineros tried to deflect the criticism by saying the policeman had done nothing wrong and that the demonstrator „had sadly lost balance“. The footage shows what a blatant and repulsive lie this is:

As it was to be expected this case of police brutality and attempted murder blew up in Chile and the world. Even with the evidence piling up and showing the obvious, the Chilean police tried to evade the topic. It was due to the massive pressure from the people, that the Carabinero was identified and is now being charged with attempted murder!

We are now a couple of days away from the anniversary of the 18th of October, when last years protests started. This horrendous and despicable act has once again dealt a blow to the Chilean state, further deligitimizing it. This will further deepen the political crisis of the Chilean state. A new wave of mass protests is to be expected.