BULGARIA - Repression against the struggling nurses, protests continue!

The protests of the nurse are getting more and more fierce and determined! For more than two weeks their protest camp stood in front of the Ministry of Health. Nurses, sympathizers, and revolutionaries from various cities participated to push through their demands.

Due to the strong resistance of the nurses and the political situation in Bulgaria, the Ministry of Health had to change its minister. The new minister invited the nurses to a tour through the whole country to show them that there were "no problems". But with this he only burdened himself, the nurses proved that there are catastrophic conditions and their struggle is justified. They continued their protest and extended the protest tent camp for another two weeks. They also received great support from the population who brought them food and drink so that they are prepared for the struggle.

They have achieved an important success! On the one hand, with their firm roots within the people, on the other hand, they won promises and concessions from the minister and were now recognized as a union in the Bulgarian Association of the Specialits in Healthcare. Before that, this organization was only accessible to doctors.

Everywhere the revolutionaries and popular masses achieve victories, where their work is effective, there are attacks by the class enemies, so also

in Bulgaria. At the same time, the repression against struggling nurses continues to increase. Most recently, nurse and activist Boyka Anastasova of Pirogov was unlawfully dismissed for her efforts for the struggle for the rights of the Bulgarian people! In a statement of the Independent Trade Union of Nurses it says (own translation) "Boyka Anastasova from Pirogov was dismissed yesterday! This is not a problem, we expected it! We got used to it! There is no surprise!" Bravely and without illusions in the concessions of one or the other puppet in the government, the nurses continue their struggle!