BRAZIL - Glorious action led by the LCP

In the early morning of August 16, the peasants of Rondônia and Western Amazonia went on the offensive. Led by the LCP (League of Poor Peasants), the fight to recapture the last parts of the old Santa Elina Farm was successfully fought. On August 9, 25 years ago, the big landowners and the old Brazilian state carried out a great attack on the poor farmers of this area. This is known as the "Corumbiara Massacre". Already at that time, the farmers defended themselves with all their determination. Exactly one week after the 25th anniversary of the heroic peasant resistance of Corumbiara, the very last territory has now been reconquered, led by the LCP.

Through this glorious occupation of the Latifundium Nossa Senhora, which has an area of about 6000 hectares, the heroic sacrifices made by the peasants were upheld in practice. This area, which was in the hands of a single family, has now been liberated from the clutches of the imperialists and big landowners by the anger of the peasants. The area was redistributed in the interest of the people. Hundreds of families participate in the production of food to feed the population of the area. This creates a new livelihood, food is produced and wages are generated. Several farmers as well as small and medium-sized traders from surrounding areas immediately showed solidarity with the occupation. Already in the first few days several farmers came to the area with enthusiasm to participate, many of them took donations in different ways. The LCP is leading this struggle of the poor peasants and through the peasant masses their parole "Against the crisis, take all the land of the big landowners!" is put into practice.

Long live the heroic resistance of the peasants of Corumbiara!