BRAZIL – Comrade Dantas: A great example for the proletariat and the masses

On the 13th of Februar comrade José Alves da Silva, known as Dantas died after struggling for week against the complications of Covid-19. His death is a big loss for the Brazilian people and the international proletariat, but thanks to his combative life it will also fuel the fire inside the ranks of the revolutionaries all over the world!

Dantas was murdered! His death stands in row of the over 230.000 people who have died because of the odious genocidal policy of the government. He was an ardent Marxist-Leninist-Maoist,who was steeled through class struggle. What has distinguished him was his strong ideologically stability , his revolutionary optimism and his deep connection with the masses. Full of enthusiasm he put all his strength, his life in dedication for the struggle of a new democracy in Brazil. Though he was blind since a very young age, he never used it as an excuse, in opposite he fought against the view that it would hinder in someway his contributions in the class struggle. Clear like few people he saw the way of the revolution and full of certainty of the coming victory of the proletarian cause, he gave all he got to contribute for this greatest cause.

He was full of love for the masses, under which he was well known. At their side he took part at various and countless struggles. His combative life, his revolutionary optimism, his deep connection with the masses is a big example for the revolutionaries all over the world. His red flag will be held up high by the international proletariat, in whose struggle he is forever present!

Concluding we quote an extract of an article of the Brazilian newspaper A Nova Democracia:

"The moment when we received the news of the death of his companion left us shaken. However, we soon remember what he represents for us and the revolutionary democratic movement. All his unconditional love for the masses, his strength, combativeness, determination, commitment and conviction working for the revolution will fuel all of us. We’ll take his flag, raise it and move on, because we know that’s what he would want from us. Despite his visual impairment, he saw the revolutionary horizon like few others. coming and that will bring down all that old order of exploitation and oppression."