BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - Mine Workers on strike!

Since 9.2. in Breza and in Zenica the mine workers are fighting with demonstrations, strike and even hunger strike against mass dismissals and wage robbery.

The company "Elektro Privreda Bosnia-Herzegovina", once a state-owned company which was privatized, is heavily in debt and now wants to lay off 2,200 workers (out of a total of 8,200). In the next years, so it was already announced, further 2,000 are to follow!

But not only that, the workers have not even received a wage this year! Some of the workers who retired last year have not yet received a retirement pay. For some workers, social dues have not been paid since 2009.

The reactionary unions are oriented on "socially acceptable" job cuts, while the workers are organizing to struggle! From February 9, the struggle began. Workers went on hunger strike between Feb. 9 and 12. On 12. about 500 people protested in front of the mine in Zenica, in Breza there was a longer strike in all other mines there were morning strikes. In Sarajevo, there was also a demonstration in front of a government buildingx, for the justified demand of the mine-workers!