BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - Health workers justified protest amid pandemic

Hundreds of health workers took to the streets of the southern Bosnian in the city of Mostar on Monday, January 25, to protest for better working conditions and health care. A major concern of the workers is the conclusion of a collective agreement, which the rulers have been delaying for 18 months. Their protest is justified and they have even threatened a hunger strike in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The union of health workers has also set up a large tent in front of the regional government building. They say they will stay there until the government meets their demands. The workers have been on strike since December!

Furthermore, the employees, who have now been particularly hard hit by the pandemic, are demanding better working conditions and higher wages. The government, however, says that their demands are not realistic! Among other things, the demonstrators reportedly demanded the resignation of the regional health minister.

"I think this is a unique case in Europe of how health workers have been treated," union president Dalibor Vukovic correctly pointed out to N1 television. It is a similar situation in many parts of the world: miserable working conditions for the employees and no health care in the interest of the people!

Hundreds of supporters from the people joined the protest march, showing that quality health care and therefore working conditions are in the interest of the people!

Protest already took place in December 2020. Picture: Demonstration in Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (HNK) on 18th of December.