BELARUS - EU supports Nazi-Forces to influence protests

It is now secret that especially the US- and EU-Imperialists use the current protests in Belarus to intervent in the country in favour of their own interests. Similar to the Ukrainian "Maidan" Nazi-Forces plays an important role for the "western" imperialists to influence the protests against Lukashenko.

Pictures of the actual protest show that esprecially the parts of the "western" supported "opposition" are not as "democratic" as it is connoted by the US- and EU imperialists. There is one example below which shows an imprisoned Nazi who was active as part of the Belarus "Opposition".

Also the symbol of the opposition, the white-red-white flag, is not used out of coincidence: "The white-red-white flag propagated by the leadership of the opposition movement in Belarus, which historically is above all an anti-Soviet symbol and was also officially used by the collaboration forces during the Nazi occupation, also fits in with this. The situation is similar with the coat of arms of the “White Knight”, which historically was also used as a symbol of the Belarusian Nazi forces. Many of the masses wear these symbols in the current protests without attaching particular importance to their historical use. But the leadership of the so-called „opposition movement“, did not coincidentally chose these symbols." (Article - Belarus: The workers and the people will learn in their struggle the lessons of the Maidan!)

But the similarity to the "Maidan" is also personnel, the "Right Sector" is supporting the "opposition" in Belarus with fascist paramilitary: Dimitry Yarosch, the leader of the “Right Sector”, a well-known paramilitary fascist party in Ukraine, which played a leading role in the Maidan movement, said in an article he wrote on the occasion of the opposition movement in Belarus that he has “been training Belarusians since many years” and that Belarusians, under the leadership of the Right Sector, “formed their own unit in the struggles to recapture the Donbass”. He proudly proclaims: “I held dozens of training exercises with Belarusians, traveled all over the country, gave instructions for patriotic Belarusian actions against Lukashenko. (…) Many of those I trained, are now taking part in the uprising in Minsk”.